Daniel's Page :)

Hi my name is Daniel Pyoungahn Kim, I am 15 years old and I am stand in Cerritos HighSchool.

My life bucket list.

I have a lots of bucket list in my life. If I explain everything it will too much so I will explain just some.
My first bucket list is also my dream it is being a tennis player. Its ok for not like that that famous but I just want to be tennis player that can have life and family.
Second bucket list is going travel to Monte Carlo with my family when I get older. Monte Carlo is a beautiful place in Monaco.
I will tell only three things my last bucket list that I will tell is getting a happy family. I want to get family that I can live happy with.

List table

  1. 1st bucket list:My dream place Monte Carlo
  2. 2nd bucket list:My dream job
  3. 3rd bucket list:My dream life.